Art & History



Sainte Gemmes le Robert
The Rubricaire, visit a Roman military camp, Free access


Saint Ouen des toits :  
The birthplace of Jean Cottereau called Jean Chouans became a museum.
(Jean Chouans gave his sobriquet to the insurrection of the French Revolution)


Jublains :
Gallo-Roman site with its remains and its departmental archaeological museumSite


Cossé le Vivien :
The Robert Tatin Museum, Life, The Work of a Lifetime

Prehistoric caves
Margot and Rochefort are visitable
 Nature Course
 Its prehistoric museum
        Various activities for the little ones

Sainte Suzanne :A medieval city classified as one of the most beautiful villages in France, its castle and its cantre interpretation of architecture and heritage.  Castle having resisted 3 years to the siege of William the Conqueror King of England
Elected 3rd most beautiful village in France in 2013
Carolingian site, building in a remarkable state of conservation (3 in Europe only)